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Do you realize thousands of companion animals are surrendered to shelters and ultimately euthanized each year simply because their caregivers became ill, entered a nursing facility or passed away? The Biscuit Foundation offers alternatives to prevent pets in these circumstances from ending up in an already overcrowded shelter situation.
New Beginnings

The following stories explain why the Biscuit Foundation is needed to make a difference in peoples and their pets lives
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Hank, Helen and Sweetie

Hank and Helen lived in a nice apartment village where they were allowed to have pets. Their cocker spaniel, Sweetie, had lived with them for 10 years.  Sadly, Hank’s physical limitations and Helen’s diminishing mental state forced the couple to be moved into a different tier of health care and having a pet would not be an option for them anymore. 

The Biscuit Foundation was contacted to help find Sweetie a new forever home. Hank had expressed that he wanted the new owner to bring her for visits and we understood that this was a huge life transition for all involved.  Being able to have visits from Sweetie would make it easier for the couple to focus on their own health and well-being.  We found the right person named Robin that will give Sweetie a great new life. Being a retired nurse Robin understood the need for Hank and Helen to be able to have visits from Sweetie. During all this we also had to consider how Sweetie would do without her owners but thanks to Robin, she kept her on the go and she blossomed.  Robin and Sweetie visit all the time and she tells me they have all become like family. 

The Biscuit Foundation believes a pet should stay with their owner as long as possible but when they can no longer care for them that’s when we step in to help. 

Once upon a time...

If only all dogs could have a fairytale life. Too often we forget that 
their life can also be struck by tragedy and sometimes it can be much 
more devastating. When we lose a loved one we have the blessing 
of sharing our grief with family and friends to help us cope with the 
loss. Who does a dog turn to when they have lost their companion? 
How do we explain it to these precious souls? The utter confusion of 
their owner not coming home. Instead, someone comes to not only 
take you away from the only home you've ever known but separates 
you from your dog family. They take you to the shelter saying you 
were just too old for them to find a new home for. This is Wendy's story, but it doesn't end there. She was fostered from the shelter but when she began to have seizures the shelter staff contacted the Biscuit Foundation and they jumped into action! They had Wendy at the vet the very next day. You see, Wendy had a very hard time at the shelter because she likes a calm and quiet environment, factor in the confusion of her missing owner and pack mates and then being in a strange home with a new family. They believed that the stress just became too much and she was started on medication. She also has to take mobility medication and pain medicine because she's an older girl and has trouble getting up and keeping her balance. She may fall quite a bit but you can't keep a good girl down! She still tries to play and loves to go for walks. She has finally come to terms with her new life but becomes a little agitated when her foster mom leaves the house. I think we all harbor a small fear of losing someone we love so we are working on her anxiety. She has made progress since her personal tragedy and the best medicine for that is time, love and patience...because she deserves "happily ever after".